Lot Number Toyon 11

Toyon leading goats up slope.

Lot Number Toyon 11

Each year Ramon looks for those plants whose stems are the longest for bouquet making, and this year the field Toyon was one of two that won! Field Toyon is on an north-facing slope above the Chardonnay. Often the lavender there blooms earliest.

The little brown goat Toyon was Sophia’s daughter and Natalie’s granddaughter. She was the first goat that I midwifed at home. She always had an independent streak in her, “hoofing” you if you tried to clip her hooves (rearing up and hitting you with both front feet at once). Once after a hospital stay at Davis Veterinary Medical School, one of the student vets declared, “Toyon is a very sweet goat!” And that she also was!
Harvesting for dried lavender in Toyon Field

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