Our Products

On our beautiful farm in Napa Valley, CA we cultivate and handcraft the highest quality organic and Biodynamic® aromatics and specialize in lavender, helichrysum italicum and rose geranium.  We cultivate our flowers and distill our aromatics on-site using a small-batch distillation process. From our flowers, essential oils, and hydrosols, we then craft our bouquets, culinary, and personal-care products. We undertake these actions as stewards of the land and its inhabitants, with joy and love of our farm, and with the hope that our offerings will be enjoyed by others.

Letting Go

My Feldencrais practitioner told me that the human nervous system  is organized around two bipolar processes at birth: Pushing and being pulled; and latching onto the nipple and letting go. He said the most difficult action is letting go. 

Letting go of Harms Lavender business has been a saddening process. We have received wonderful e-mails from you, our loyal customers,  you whom we have met through e-mails, at open houses, through packing your orders. Some of you are our neighbors.

We do want to explain some of the timing of our…Read more

Get the lowdown on the best uses for our aromatic and culinary lavender, including: