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On our beautiful farm in Napa Valley, CA we cultivate and handcraft the highest quality certified organic and Biodynamic® aromatics and specialize in lavender, helichrysum italicum and rose geranium.  We cultivate our flowers and distill our aromatics on-site using a small-batch distillation process. From our flowers, essential oils, and hydrosols, we then craft our bouquets, culinary, and personal-care products.

We undertake these actions as stewards of the land and its inhabitants, with joy and love of our farm, and with the hope that our offerings will be enjoyed by others.

Casey, photographer and photographed.

Lavender and Memory: Evocative Pleasure!

Lavender and Memory: Evocative Pleasure!

Lavender is a paradox: the scent  brings you into the immediacy of the senses, and this experience evokes memory.  Lavender has provided an unexpected  journey to my husband and me over these 20 years since we planted it.

Casey was still in high school when we first planted the 3500  tiny lavender plants. He and our friend Andy placed irrigation for the lavender and  then weeded, over and over and over! Now Casey’s wife, our daughter-in-law Melissa, and their sons, Wesley and Sabien, help harvest and process the lavender that you receive.

Three great surprises in my life are my love…

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