Our Products

On our beautiful farm in Napa Valley, CA we cultivate and handcraft the highest quality certified organic and Biodynamic® aromatics and herbal products. We cultivate our flowers and distill our aromatics on-site using a small-batch distillation process. From our flowers and essential oils, we then craft our bouquets, culinary, and personal-care products.

We undertake these actions as stewards of the land and its inhabitants, with joy and love of our farm, and with the hope that our offerings will be enjoyed by others.

Smoke from the Lake Berryessa fire rises over the eastern ridge of the Napa Valley.

Fire and Farming

This morning it is evident that the fire in the eastern most part of Napa County is less contained that it was yesterday morning this time. A large plume of smoke spreads across the sky at first light. The orangish light is alarming and reminds us to think about animals and evacuation plans, should that ever become necessary.

Living in the hills during drought and triple digit heat alerts us to how small we are in relationship to the earth and the elements. We work to increase moisture and health of our plants by spraying a lot of extra Barrel…

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Get the lowdown on the best uses for our aromatic and culinary lavender, including: